Retractable Awning Singapore

Retractable awnings offer owners of homes, stores and cafes the choice of either enjoying the natural sunlight or protection from the sun and rain. Made of aluminium alloy and fitted with stainless steel pins, the arms are geometrically shaped to keep the cloth tensioned at all times.

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Polycarbonate Singapore

Polycarbonate solution provides good acoustical insulation and maximise your outdoor living space and lifestyle. The advantage of polycarbonate roofing and awning is its high impact resistance being practically unbreakable in some instances as its material is...

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Composite Panel Singapore

Composite Panel is a revolutionary and versatile new decorative building material widely used in interior and exteriors of buildings. For strength, fire-proofing, sound insulation and vibration dampening, you can count on our aluminium composite awnings and shade shelters.

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Outdoor Canopy Singapore

The structures of the canopy sun tent are fabricated from mild steel and coated either in rust resistant paint or galvanized steel frame. The structures are easy to erect and dismantle. Fabric canopies can add a touch of elegance to any home, office, hotel or restaurant.

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Visually Impressive Piece of Architecture

Enjoy the beauty of your canopy with a sunshade retractable awning granted by Perfect Deco protecting you from the sun and providing you with shade. Each awning is custom made from us with hundreds of fabric colors and patterns selection and we ensure every architectural material and support elements are made with the finest quality steel and state-of-the-art connection components.

All of our retractable awnings are made from the finest European manufactured components and assembled awnings in Singapore according to your specific order. The productivity of a cutting-edge of Sunshade Shelter products include:  Retractable Awning, Sunbreaker, Eclipse Aluminium Awning, Laminated and Tempered Glass Awning, Polycarbonate Awning, Composite Panel, Outdoor Umbrella, Canopy, Roofing, Wooden Decking, Indoor & Outdoor Roller Sunscreen and etc.

Constantly improving its product and services of outdoor sunscreen in Singapore, Perfect Deco keeps up with current trends in the Singapore home improvement industry by forming strategic Sunshade shelter solutions adaptable to evolving market demands. Block the sun and reduce your indoor temperatures by enjoying quality sunshade awnings that are energy efficient in addition of allowing a beautiful and affordable way to keep your home and you cool.