Your Preferred Sunshade Partner As Ever

Perfect Deco is one of the leading sunshade companies in Singapore to supply and design sun shelters. Celebrating over 18 years in business, the company is unrivalled in experience developing advanced solutions
for sunshade and awning in Singapore. Registered with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Perfect Deco aims to achieve its vision of being the “Pioneer in Innovation, Product Quality and Service
Standards” and to provide the highest quality sun shelters at the most economical prices. Our reputation for excellent services and quality workmanship has helped us clinch the distributorships for some
of Europe’s most famous brands.

Touch of Sophisticated Elegance

By accentuating the architecture, sun shelters beautify the outside of buildings, reflecting the distinct taste of the owners. Beyond the decorative functions, our sun shelters often create a harmonious, fluid and unobstructed transition between indoors and outdoors. By standing out from excessive sunshade company in Singapore and fresh from the landmark success of extensive portfolios, Perfect Deco has set its sights on further expansion seeking to propagate its sun shelters and diversify its design/build organization with in-house experts in design, engineering, fabrication, manufacturing and construction under the “Perfect Deco” emblem throughout Singapore and in the future, globally.

Practicality and Functionality at Every Turn and Corner

Besides sun shelters, Perfect Deco also specialize in the planning, design and construction of high quality of timbre ceilings and indoor & outdoor wooden decking in Singapore. Together with sun shelters, Perfect Deco can turn your outdoor space into a useful and pleasant one. Our commitment to customer satisfaction allows you to focus solely on enjoying yourself and the outdoors activities comfortably.

Quality Safes with Quality Protection

The extensive portfolio of sunshade architecture technologies enable Perfect Deco to cover a wide range of markets in all sectors, including residential, restaurant, government buildings, airports, seaport, hotels, hospitals and many more. At present, Perfect Deco provides a wide variety of complimentary support and guidance services for our customers from both local and international amongst Sunshade Company in Singapore. As it continues to extend its technologies, Perfect Deco will pursue and promote a technology-integrated and secure environment for a better living lifestyle and constantly takes steps to deliver products and services of unrivalled quality and value-worthy for our customers.


Perfect Deco founded the importance of branding and interior design is essential tool to success and thus we are investing in brand equity and strengthening the connections by created a brand name of “Markise” for our in-house products. To tie up with our brand logo, we adopted the sun with colour schemes of partial Orange to represents glory and bright and retain a sense of outgoing. Blue panel in wave shape give a picture of a ship is moving and it indicate our dedicated team members are acting out with purposeful, directed, proud and creative. It combined with the words of “Markise” into the logo to convey the styles of mirth and our customers are always under protection of Markise.

In 2019, PERFECT DECO established a new subsidiary named AZ BLIND PTE LTD.


TEL: 6744 3444